Meeting Information:

Our general meetings are held the first Sunday of every month at 2 PM inside the Charger Union building on the campus of the University of Alabama-Huntsville. We'll be somewhere in the lounge area in front of the Dunkin Donuts, which is around the center divider area across from the main entrance.

The Charger Union building is located at 4705 Holmes Ave NW, which is in the southwest corner of the intersection with John Wright Dr NW. Even though parking lot W20 next to it is for faculty use during the weekdays, we've been told that it's OK to park there on the weekends. In fact, we haven't had any problems parking inside the covered parking deck that's next door if you prefer to be out of the sun.

If bad weather or a holiday occurs on that day, our meetings will be held the following Sunday at the same location and time. The business portion of the meeting generally lasts about a half hour, though we usually socialize for about an hour or two afterwards with a fun activity. The Star Trek version of Unois our preferred game, though we've gotten into playing Five Year Mission and Star Trek Fluxx as well.

Other Events:

We try to have at least one activity each month in addition to our monthly meeting. This activity can range from a community service or fund raising event to another fun, social event, or any combination thereof. Sample past activities have included picnics, video marathons, convention trips, game nights, ice cream socials, miniature golf, and more. As always, feel free to suggest an activity that you would like to see us do.

Covid Concerns:

The health of our crewmembers is our highest priority. Therefore, we ask that all members please get vaccinated against Covid. Furthermore, keep your vaccination up to date by getting regular booster shots, just like you would for the annual flu shot. Proof of vaccination is not required to attend our events, though that may not be true of activities held elsewhere. Please respect the wishes of any members that continue to wear maks and stay socially distant. Like the Vulcans, we want you to live long, and prosper.

Stay Informed:

We have several methods of informing our members of events. Our primary method of communication is via our Facebook Fan Page. Make sure you Like or follow our page. Since we don't pay Facebook to promote our page, you may not be shown our posts unless a bunch of people like or comment on a post. Therefore, we recommend that you turn on notifications for our page posts and make our page a favorite so our posts will appear first in your newsfeed. The more interaction you have with the page, the more likely you are to see our posts. Any last minute announcements, cancellations, or changes will be posted to our Facebook page, so check there if you're uncertain if an event is still happening.

We also have an X account, though it will always be Twitter to us. However, we don't post as frequently there or monitor it as closely as we do our Facebook page. Both the Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds are also displayed on our web site's main page, so you don't even have to be a member of those services to see those posts.

We also maintain a private email list. However, we don't post to it as often as we do to Facebook and Twitter. If you want to be added, send an email to Make sure you mention that you want to be added to the WvB email list. All emails are sent via BCC to ensure your email address remains private. Your personal information is never shared with anyone else. Furthermore, only the Commanding Officer has access to that information. You can asked to be removed from that email list at any time.

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