[ Picture of an astronaut on the moon. ] Aerospace Day

July 20, 2002, 3 pm till 9 pm
ArdmoreAviation in northern Alabama

On July 20, 1969, a small spacecraft from earth landed on the moon. Shortly afterwards, a man in a bulky, white spacesuit climbed outside the craft and made his way down the ladder. He then made "one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind." With that simple gesture, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on another planetary body other than the Earth. When the USS Wernher von Braun commissioned as a full chapter of STARFLEET on September 20, 1993, we incorporated this very special date into our vessel registry number: NCC 72069.

On July 20, 2002, the USS Wernher von Braun will again recognize this momentous occasion with a celebration. We'll honor the tremendous efforts of the air and space program in our own special way. We have a full day planned with many fun activities suitable for all ages. Events include model rocket launches, airplane flying, craft airplane and rocket building, fireworks, food, and a tour of a real Saturn 2B rocket.

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Activity Schedule:

  • 3 pm: Opening remarks followed by craft rocket and airplane building.
  • 5 pm: Tour of the Saturn 2B rocket. See the directions listed below.
  • 6 pm: Model rocket launches and paper airplane competition.
  • 7 pm: Dinner inside the house. Bring your favorite aerospace related movie to watch.
  • 9 pm: Fireworks and closing remarks.

 [ Picture of an rocket on a launchpad. ] Activity Notes:

Crafts and videos will be held throughout the day. This will give people a chance to wander in and out as they want. Don't be alarmed if the craft aliens that visited us at our June meeting should return. ;) Those who do not go on the Saturn 2B rocket tour can stay at Ardmore Aviation to finish their crafts or watch videos. While we hope to have several real planes on site for people to climb in and look at up close, we cannot guarantee this. Unfortunately, we will not be able to give airplane rides. We'll also be giving out door prizes throughout the day.

While this event is for the benefit of our crew, it is open to the general public. Additionally, other STARFLEET chapters have been invited. All that we ask is that everyone please RSVP their attendance by calling Richard at 256-658-1018. Unless you want to leave a message on his voice-mail, you're more likely to catch him in the afternoons and evenings. You can also RSVP by sending e-mail to WvB@OmniFacets.com.

While spaghetti, salad, and some drinks will be provided for free, please feel free to bring anything in particular that you want for yourself. If you'd like to bring a dessert, snacks, drinks, or other item to share with everyone, we'd be very grateful, but you're not obligated to do so. Optionally, you can donate a few dollars to cover what you eat. Remember to let Richard know if you're coming (and if you're bringing anything) so adequate preparations can be made.

While we will have some craft supplies available for the craft rocket and airplane building contest, you may wish to bring anything special that you wish to utilize. Again, if you'd like share your craft supplies for use with everyone, we'd be very appreciative. In particular, you may want to save your toilet paper and paper towel cardboard tubes for rocket body construction. You're more than welcome to take your craft creations home with you. A small financial or craft donation to cover those supplies would be appreciated though.

We'll try to let the kids have an opportunity to actually launch a model rocket. However, engine supplies may be limited. Also, please feel free to bring your own model rockets, airplanes, or other toys. Wal-Mart, hobby shops, and the US Space and Rocket Center carry a wide assortment if you'd like to purchase one ahead of time. Also, they also make some great battery charged planes and air-powered rockets. Since this is an AEROspace day, don't forget to bring your favorite foam or balsa wood gliders, or even kites. We'll have plenty of supplies for the paper airplane making and flying competition.


Directions from Huntsville:

The shortest route is to go north on Jordan Lane (aka highway 53) to Ardmore. As it turns into Main Street, go straight until after passing under the train tracks. Get in the center turn lane to turn left onto Jones Avenue between the old cheese plant and the bank and go till it ends. Turn right onto highway 53 and go west for about 2 miles. Immediately after crossing over I-65, turn right onto Airport Lane. Ardmore Aviation is the rock house and airplane hanger on the left on a slight hill at 28825 Airport Lane. While slightly longer, better roads are available by going west on highway 72 (University Dr.) to I-65 and following the Alabama directions below.

Directions from Alabama:

Head north on I-65 toward Nashville, TN. You'll see the Saturn 2B rocket on the west (left) side of the interstate. One mile after that, take Ardmore exit #365. Turn left off the ramp, and go west across the interstate. Immediately after crossing the interstate, turn right onto Airport Lane. Ardmore Aviation is the rock house and airplane hanger on the left on a slight hill at 28825 Airport Lane.

Directions from Tennessee:

Head south on I-65 toward Birmingham, AL. Take the first exit in Alabama, which is Ardmore exit #365. (Do not take the Ardmore exit #1 in Tennessee.) Turn right off the ramp, and then turn right again immediately onto Airport Lane. Ardmore Aviation is the rock house and airplane hanger on the left on a slight hill at 28825 Airport Lane.

Directions to the Saturn 2B rocket at the Alabama Welcome Center:

From Ardmore Aviation, turn right onto Airport Lane and go back to Highway 53. Turn left onto the main road and then immediately turn right onto the interstate southbound on-ramp. Go south on I-65 for 1 mile and then exit at the Alabama Welcome Center. To get back to Ardmore Aviation, continue going south on I-65 for 3 miles. Exit off the interstate at Elkmont exit #361. Turn left and go west across the interstate. (Watch out for the trucks coming from the truck stop.) Immediately turn left onto the I-65 northbound on ramp. Follow the directions listed above for Alabama.

 [ Picture of the Eagle landing module. ] Parking:

The best place to park is between the hanger and the house, or in the grass along side the driveway. If you miss the first entrance by the mailbox, you can use the second entrance of the circular driveway. Most of the activities will be held in the hanger office, so enter through the white door. The dinner will be in the house, where entry is quickest through the back door under the carport. Handicap access is now available via the wheelchair ramp by the front door.

Safety Notes:

Ardmore Aviation is a real, working airport where aircraft maintenance occurs. As such, the main hanger repair area is not suitable for children to play in. They should remain in the hanger officer (for the crafts) or the house (for the food and videos). Please supervise your own children, as we are not providing childcare or daycare services. While we will do everything we can to ensure their safety, you as their parent are responsible for their well-being. By attending this event, you agree not to hold Richard L. Trulson, Ardmore Aviation, its customers, its guests, the USS Wernher von Braun, STARFLEET, their members, or any other attendees responsible for any accidents that may occur.


Pictures and possibly video will be taken. If you do not wish to be a part of them, please let the photographers know. Also, there is a possibility that the local press media may cover the story. In addition to sending them press releases for inclusion in their community events calendars, we would be thrilled if they would like cover this story. In fact, we have the Press Release available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF (67K), and MS Word DOC (181K) format, and plain ASCII TXT (10K) format. Further questions can be directed to Richard L. Trulson by phone at 256-658-1018 or by e-mail at WvB@OmniFacets.com.

Photos on this web page have been collected on the internet over time. They are more than likely from the NASA image archives, and edited to suit my display needs. Copyright infringement is not intended.

 [ Picture of the Earth rising above the lunar horizon. ]

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